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Techo is looking for creative, forward-thinkers who believe in housing security to join our team. If you’re passionate about helping to shape the future of Attainable Housing for millions of Americans, we would love to hear from you.

We look beyond the brick and mortar to what really matters.

Techo is a team with diverse expertise spanning capital market, technology, development, and construction. We came together for one purpose—to make a dent in the longstanding housing crisis across the United States.

We combine our backgrounds and creative approaches to offer Attainable Housing developers greater access to construction finance. When developers can construct more of these projects, more Americans will have housing security—and we’ll see more communities thrive.

At Techo, we value team members with diverse experiences, a thirst for learning, and an aligned sense of mission. These attributes are pervasive throughout our team and essential to perpetuating a differentiated, more enlightened approach to lending.

Check out our open positions, and apply to join Techo’s growing team of innovators.

Investment Associate

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Investment Analysis

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Asset Management

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Who we are influences our why

We are driven to do good, and have a good time doing it. Meet the people who are fueling the next generation of construction lending.

Share your Attainable Housing project with us to see if we’re a fit.

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